Great changes happen in our life

Change is inevitable. In fact, the only constant (aside from death and taxes!) is ‘change’.

I talked previously about how gut-churningly scary it can all be when we are in the midst of it.

What I want to share with you now is how, when you reach that most terrifying part, when you expected to be even more terrified … it all just falls away into a place of ‘acceptance’, a place of ‘this is my journey, I am looked after by my guides and angels, and I am going to be okay’ and we feel the fear melt away.

We reached that place that we feared so much and discovered that ‘oh, you’re not so scary after all.’ Is it our fear of our fear that often gets in the way.

One huge support that can see us all through these trying times, is to have some degree of faith. Faith in our Soul, in our Angels, in our Guides, in our Self, in the Universe, in God/I AM. Faith and trust that everything is happening for a reason—unless you are deliberately just being an arse, in which case, please stop it!

If the only constant is change, we do, after incessant change, find ourself in a place of being okay with juggling several balls in the air, we may even reach a degree of comfort with that. I never would have imagined being able to say that with such confidence and knowing…but I am. And if I can do it so can you.

Don’t be afraid of change.

If you remain where you are, knowing that change really needs to happen, but locking yourself into where you are … life is going to give you a big push! Your logical mind wants to stay put, your Soul knows you are going to be okay, and so if you allow the mind to be in total control, along with your fear of change, you will indeed be given a great big shove by the universe! However, if you allow yourself to be in alignment, if you are open to change, if you know and accept that change is coming, then be in your heart space, be at peace with it, and ask only that it happen with ease and grace, and then…when the opportunity comes, it will be ‘ah, here you are.’

When we choose to be in our heart space, in a loving energy, and have decided that change will happen with ease and grace, when we put out that intent, and hold that energy, and remain in that loving energy all the time—not just some of the time, but all of the time!—then the opportunity will present itself so gently.

In that moment when you recognise that opportunity, bring forth your courage, and, from that place of loving energy, speak, act, do. Hold yourself in the space of loving energy, and act with love and peace, speak gently with love and peace, allow your Soul to speak, allow your heart to express itself … with ease and grace. Do not be swayed by the world around you, stay only in your heart space.

Your journey in life, is in your hands, and in your heart, and in your words and actions … no one else’s.

Do you wish to live your life? Or do you wish to live a life dictated by others, or dictated by your fear?

Do not hide from life.

And don’t be scared when things don’t work out the way you think they were going to. Sometimes we just don’t know what is right for us … but the universe does. There are times, such as these, when all we can do is trust in the universe … just surrender and trust.

I am thinking maybe I should have that tattooed on my forearm:

… just surrender, and trust …