Rainbow candles


Two days a week I work in a metaphysical shop, and yesterday a man came in to buy a gay pride necklace and a gay pride ring. He was in his fifties, and was so upset by the Orlando shootings that he wanted to do something, anything … and for him, it was to stand proudly as a gay man, despite the fact that he had always kept this part of himself hidden, out of fear.

Another man came in and he bought a tall rainbow candle.

People are doing what they can to support, and to share their compassion.

I set some rainbow candles together behind the counter, and some flags, and I wrote ‘Orlando’ on a card a heart next to it, and then I set a candle burning in honour of those killed and injured, in honour, love and respect for all who have been hurt—be it physically or emotionally—by the Orlando slaughter. It’s not my shop in which to take such a liberty, but I wanted to stand alongside these people who were so affected, and honour the array of customers who walk through that door every day.

And so, if you live in Christchurch, and you happen to pass Inspirations (corner of Riccarton and Straven Roads) on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, and you feel in need of a hug, please come in.

I will be the one behind the counter.

We are one people and one world. There are no divisions amongst us, except the stupid ones we create.

Let us all come together and remember that we are one, we are all family, we are all here to take care of each other.

When I see you, I see you! You are whole and perfect and beautiful in my eyes. You are flawless and divine. You are exactly who you are meant to be.

Let us all stand alongside each other and support each other through every moment of every day.

An ocean does not divide us. A mountain range does not divide us. A border does not divide us. Nothing divides us. We were all born on this world, we are members of ONE family, here to take care of each other, not to take from each other.

So, let me give you my love, my compassion, my understanding, my support, my faith in you, my strength in the knowledge that we are all so perfect, my devout belief in the power of love to rise above all things, to heal all wounds…

Let me do all that I can to support you!