2017 … Thanks for everything


Wow … that was quite a year!!!

Am I sorry to see it end? Am I ready to kick it’s ass out the door?

No … I have learnt so much about myself this year, and grown so much. There have been high points and low points, but it has, in all, been a satisfying year.

2014 tried to kill me, 2015 was not much better, 2016 my world tipped upside down, but in many ways 2017 has been very healing.IMG_9211

The other day I bought a ring with a line in it. It signifies the line in the sand, and that sometimes someone crosses that line in the sand, and then ‘that is it’ that step too far. And so I experience things like that, but it was more that I got the push to make myself step over that line, and into a new life.

I realised I had held myself back, not launched into the world properly, not let myself be free as much as I could. And so … I crossed the line, I took that step too far from ‘comfort’ and I can never go back. I left the comfort zone so that I can truly live with no boundaries, and no expectations. Life will respond to me and where I am at, and I can already feel the universe responding to one who lives with no rules, who is free of everything, who is so gentle, and yet can call forth a power that will rip mountains apart if need be—warning, don’t mess with me and don’t ever ‘play me’.

I will look into your heart, and know you. I will feel your energy, and know you. You cannot hide your true self from me. You cannot hide your ego or pain or anger from me. I can feel it. I can feel many things.

So, I end 2017 in this way, and ride the flow into 2018, the Year of Results. And already I can tell you that the work I have done even if these last couple of days, is already bringing results, and the ripple effect of the changes I have made within myself will ring out through 2018.

I’m not going to dance on any big stage though, I am still just me, here, doing my own thing, touching lives, making people smile, letting them feel what it is like to be present with someone who is Soul Embodied, Infinite Self in Human Form, the embodiment of every life ever lived backwards and forward through time. I’ll show you what it looks like.

Every year grants us so many opportunities, but it is not necessary to break it down into years or months, because every day, every minute, is an opportunity. What we do with every moment, how we feel, what we focus our thoughts and energy on, this is an opportunity to experience something beautiful and joyous. Yes, we have jobs, and incomes to earn, but we can do them from a place of genuine alignment.

There is this excuse that ‘I can’t be spiritual in my job’ or ‘I can’t be in alignment all the time’ or ‘it’s not that easy when you have to work’ or ‘my job doesn’t allow me to hold that energy because it is a serious job’ etc … Well, that’s a really nice bunch of excuses, but the truth is you can be in alignment in all you do. You really can. You can be serious from there, you can laugh from there, you can deal with customers from there, you can sort the accounts from there, you can clean the toilets from there, and you can herd up the children from there. And, if you try, you will find life will respond to you.

There is no on off button that we need to press. There are no special circumstances, or smells, or sounds, or environment, that we need to be present. We just, simply, be in alignment. That’s it. As often as we can, until we live from that state of alignment.

The more often you are in alignment, the more you notice when you are out of alignment, and so you develop the simple process of getting back into alignment—feel your heart space, feel the love, or start to appreciate the things around you and the more and more you do that the quicker you will get back into alignment. (I give credit of this to Esther Hicks, as this technique is from Abraham Hicks teachings).

So, what happens when you live your life in alignment? Life responds. I won’t say more than that, because I want you to try this for yourself.

Now, back to what I started talking about. 2017. This was the year when we changed things, it was the year of new beginnings, it was the year of self-work. And if you did not do the work your soul or your heart called you to do … then you may find 2018 an interesting ride. If you did do the work you were called to do, then 2018 will be the year of results of fruiting, or harvest, of the fertile crop.

For me 2018 is going to the first year I have entered the year in total commitment to being the most magnificent version of myself that I can possibly be. I won’t hold back anything. I will tell it as I see it, share it as I feel it, inspire it as I know it. I won’t beat you round the head with anything, but I will call ‘time’ on a lot of stuff that I know does not work, so that I can inspire you to make a new choice.

2017 was a year of growing, of new friendships, new interests, and abundant growth. I called ‘time’ on a lot of stuff in my life … drew that line in the sand … and stepped over it. The past is now the past, left behind, no longer needed, and the truth is, to move forward, and step over that line in the sand, I have to let go of everything and allow a new me to ‘be’ … the magnificent me with no limitations. I left the past, dropped the overcoat, and stepped naked over that line in the last days of 2017 … And so, 2018 will begin with a naked and magnificent version of who I am, riding that flow of energy from 2017 into 2018.

All I can say is: Watch this space!!