2018 The Year of Results

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2018 is the year of results.

So, whatever you set in motion … the results will play out in 2018

For those who set negative things in motion, the results will play out.

For those who set positive things in motion, the results will play out.

For those who took steps of action, those will play out.

For those who started purifying the journey, that will play out. (The words “purifying the journey” just came as I was writing, so, clearly there is some meaning there that may not be clear to begin with, but the seed has been sown.)

The work you have done on yourself, the growth, the ownership, the new beginnings started, the humility, the openness, the honesty …

2018 The Year of Results.

None of us are any greater or lesser than any other. None of us are more right or wrong than another, for there is truth in all things, and there are multi levels of truth. If we are open to that truth, then we open the door to growth. If we are fixated on our own truth, and cling tightly to it, it will be forced out of our grasp in 2018. We should enter the year with openness.

And for any who have placed blame upon another for anything, and have failed to see their own creations and ego in play … the results will be seen.

For every unkindness any of us have done to another…the results will play out. And, in turn, for every kindness we have done to another, then that result will play out.

In 2018 we will not be able to hide from the results of anything we having knowingly, or unknowingly, set in motion.

If you had a sense of self importance…it will come tumbling down. If you believe you were better than other people, more advanced than other people, wiser than other people … it will all come crashing down.

Truth is … this has been a year when utmost humility has been called for. It does not matter if it has only just been touched in the final month … it is important that we touch it, know it, own it, be it.

Purifying the journey.

Utmost humility.


They are important.

2017 has been a year of new beginnings. My own personal commitment to myself was to change, because I was not as happy at the beginning of the year as I wanted to be, and so I set many things in motion, started many things, joined things, and did a great deal of inner work, and a great deal of sitting in quietness and going within. And now, at the end of the year, I am joyous, I am overwhelmed with the beauty of my life. I dug deep to do what I needed to do, and I held no effort back. If I wanted to be happy, I had to do the work. Happiness is an inside job!

And now, I also find that I am able to live in alignment, and that I understand so much more than ever before.

2018 … the year of results. What will it bring to you? What did you work on this year? What did you put into motion? What did you awaken in yourself?

Or did you let fear hold you back? Did you let ‘safety’ keep you confined? Did you make excuses? Did you lie to yourself? Did you make up stories to justify your decisions? Did you let something go that you wish you had not let go? Do you have regrets that you did nothing about?

A life not fully lived, is a life wasted!

Do we have time to waste? No. We have the gift of time so that we can make a difference. We have the gift of time so that we can experience love, happiness, joy, laughter, embraces, kisses, touch, bike rides, swims …. We have the gift of time to experience creating joy in our life.

We are not at the whim of some merciless force. Life is responding to us. We are the ones setting things in motion. 2018 will show you the results of that motion.

 2018 The Year of Results.

I hope that we have all set some beautiful things in motion!