5 step plan to change your life


A simple 5 step plan. I have proven this to myself, so I know it works.


It is time.

It is time to remember who and what we are.

We are not animals down here in the mud.

And yet, that is how we live and act, and breathe and think, as if we are animals struggling to survive.

And yet, we are sad, and lonely, and lost, and fearful.

Many are terrified of this world.

This world, that we have created …

We fucked it up.

We created a world of fear and greed, and judgment.

We have created a world many are too scared to live in.

But, we can change this. We can change this whole world.

If we want to!

My question to myself, and all others is: why do we continue to create a world we do not like?

Because we feel insignificant?

Because we feel one voice can change nothing?

Jesus was one voice.
Mother Teresa was one voice.
Buddha was one voice.
Krishna was once voice.
Mohammed was one voice.

Each of these people, and many more, had enough faith and enough strength to step out and speak up, but more importantly than anything they said was how they lived and breathed, how they walked upon this earth. Their frequency change things. Their frequency elevated the world.

If each of them sat in the world right now, with their eyes closed, just vibrating at their own beautiful frequency, the world would change.

So … this is where you and I come it. If we are not happy with the state of this world, then we must be the ones to raise our vibrations, to live and eat and breathe in a state of grace and faith, and joy and love, and we must be the vibration that changes the world. We are the sparks of the Divine, our Souls are a part of the Universal Consciousness/Source Energy/God.

It is time to reclaim our right to a relationship with God/Source Energy/Universal Consciousness.

It is time to stop behaving like animals in the mud struggling to survive!

If we want this world to change, then we have to be the ones who change, for it is our frequency which is making this world.

The outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

It is time to change.

Where do we begin? What do we do? How can we change this world? Many will tell you it is too late, that people cannot change, that there is no hope, that people won’t listen.

Well … I’ve got news for you. No one needs to listen to you. No one needs to know what you are doing. For this change is a silent, sweeping revolution that will pour through this world without fail.

But … and yes, there is always a ‘but’, isn’t there? You must be willing to play your part.

Here is what we do to change this world…

We change our self.

I am going to give you five steps and I ask you to follow them for a thirty days. One day at a time, and if you fail one day, just start again the next day at Day One until you have made it through a thirty.

  • At the end of each day, think of at least one thing you are grateful for.
  • Whatever you have first, be it a cup of tea or coffee or breakfast, take the time to truly appreciate that first sip/mouthful.
  • Through your day look for things to appreciate—it could be as simple as a flower you see when you are walking, the smile of a stranger, the wind in your face. The more you look for things to appreciate, the more you will find things to appreciate.
  • When thoughts arise that make you negative, angry, resentful, think about something positive, even if it is just how lovely the sun looks, or how pretty a person’s eyes are, or how you like the colour of their shirt. Change your thoughts. (The more you focus on the negative, the more you will find it. The more you focus on positive things, and beauty, the more you will find them.) If you need to, consider the positive thoughts that could become your ‘go to’ thoughts when you need a positive one!
  • Allow other people their own journey, without getting caught up in it, let another keep their anger, their judgement, their criticism, and know that that is a part of their journey, but not a part of yours.

That’s it. A Five Step Plan to Change Your Life! Simple steps, and the ability to begin to change your life and thus your world around you.

I don’t share things I have not tried, and experienced for myself, so please believe me when I tell you this really works, and it is how I live my life.

Changing the world begins as an inside job, and you will witness and experience the changes in your own immediate world. You will also witness other people creating their world around them from the attitudes they hold. Don’t worry about that, because that is their journey. You can not walk another’s path for them, you can only walk your own path.

A simple five step plan … and thus the journey begins.

This is how we change the world.

It is time. No excuses.