I don’t have all the answers … but

Embrace your uniqueness

I don’t claim to have all the answers.

All I do know is that we are all on our own uniquely individual journeys.

There is no single pathway. How can there be when we are all so different. But we take from here and there, bits of understanding and guidance, and insight, and we navigate our own pathway.

My job, one of many, is to support you in that navigation, to give you the nudge you need, to believe in you enough that you can believe in yourself and take that step!

It is fear of change that keeps you locked to the familiar,
even though you hate it.
It is comfort with the uncomfortable,
that sees you refuse to change it.

But I ask you …
Will you risk it all to be happy?

Don’t hold on too tight to who you think you are. Don’t hold on at all to what other people tell you you are.

There are no walls and boundaries, there is no box to fit into. You are Soul, Divine Spark of the ONE … and you are eternally growing. Stop trying to stay small and insignificant. You are noticed by the universe! You cannot hide. All that you do is seen. All that you say is heard. And all that you think is felt by the universe. (I am saying this to myself as much as to you.)

People may tell you, the battle is won, and make you feel you no longer need to make any effort … but the only battle going on is the one within ourself, and it is our own journey we are walking, and if we are ‘walking Home’ then we must be forever vigilant. The exterior world is a constant reflection of our interior world. There is no time to stop, no time to ease up. The battle is relentless, the battle within ourself … too scared to change, too scared to look deep, too scared to heal, too scared to move, and yet … and yet we must because if we admit it, we hate where we are!

The journey Home is the journey into our core, into our Divine Spark, for that is Home!!! That Divine Spark is the part that is both who we are, and all that is. When we fall into that we fall into Home.

I confess I have been unvigilant lately, and the restlessness of my Soul has called and pushed and almost pleaded with me to move. And then along comes a kitten, with a message, with codes, and visions, to wake me up and move me … And Little Panther, my new companion has done just that. At his beckoning, and pushing, I have listened to the call of my Soul, for Little Panther will travel with me, he is my Companion now, for I admit I have been alone, and felt alone in this world, and I am so tired of being lonely … of being alone, even though I have people around me, the sense of being alone has become overwhelming … but now … now I have a companion: Little Panther.

Why, when I am surrounded by others, do I feel alone? It is because I am different, and I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. We are all so different, and yet we have this inbuilt desire to fit in. I think we want to ‘find our people’ so to speak … and yet, the key that we have all forgotten is this:

We are all different aspects of the one, and we are not meant to be identical!

Imagine an orchestra of only violins. It would lack the richness of all of the other instruments combined into one glorious expression. And so we are all the different instruments, the different tones, sounds, frequencies, that come together to make one amazing song, one beautiful expression. We are not meant to be the same. We compliment each other so perfectly…and yet we do not notice that that is what it is meant to be. We keep looking for people just like us, which defeats the purpose of embracing our uniqueness!

Embrace your uniqueness, don’t be afraid of it. From now on, I will not allow the confusion of loneliness to tell me I am separate from the Consciousness that we are all a part of. I am not alone and never was … but life can be hard some times, and so I stumbled, but now I am standing up again and taking a step forward …

I have been called and pushed to grow, to do more, and though I do not know what that is, I am open to the journey, and allowing life to flow.

I am the golden syrup that flows through the universe
I am the salt upon the sweet surface of life