I am reading ‘Delphi’

I am reading ‘Delphi’ …IMG_3125

And it has made me aware of a new viewpoint … perhaps the only correct one …

Animals are not here to serve us.

They have their own role, their own purpose.

A Burro does not want to spend its life carrying our luggage.

A cat brings elegance and grace …

A dog is not there just to bark and chase the ball … though many may enjoy that. They bring more, they are more…

Animals are not our servants … they are our partners.

When we pause and think about the viewpoint that humanity holds on animals, it is (in the majority of cases) not one of partnership. We look upon them as dumb animals to be put into a role of servitude to us.

Reading Delphi has completely awakened me from my arrogant slumber.

It has also made me think of this: If I were a religious person, I would say that all creatures belong to God. And He will judge us for how we have cared for His beloved creatures.

All that is in existence comes from Source Energy, is Source Energy/Universal Consciousness/God, and so it is ourself that we mistreat, ourself that we brutalise, ourself that we are unkind to.

I do not know how karma will work out for so many people, but I have witnessed enough of karma to know it is a force that cannot be denied. Whether you believe in karma or not does not matter any more that whether you believe in gravity. It exists. It is. It happens. You may not witness the karma, but that is not your role.

I am a caretaker of the land I live upon. I am a partner of the people and animals I share my life with.

And, with my expanding understanding … who is Panther, my cat? Who is Axel, my dog? Why are they with me? What do they come to teach me? What can I share with them and teach them in return? Or do I actually have nothing of value to teach them?

Street watching ...

Street watching …

If I am to share my life with Panther, Axel, then I owe it to them, and to me, to slow down, sit down, be with them, to pay attention, observe and listen. To open my heart and my awareness to them.

Panther … who are you? (I was not expecting an answer, and yet …) … I am healer cat. I love all people, and I do not judge. I do not see myself as cat, I see myself as a vital member of this family, and I love all members of it and all visitors. I am independent, and you do not need to worry about me. I am well and strong, though I arrived in this home injured and in pain. You took care of me, and I am in eternal appreciation. I protect the energy of this home, so that you are safe. I scour the area and make friends with people. I am loved, and so that loving energy is around also. I am blessed to be here. I am blessed to share this life with you.

              When your heart needed healing, I was there to sleep beside you. You felt my love, the energy between us. I am honoured that you give me love and freedom. You do not try to make me what I am not. You accept me and love me. I like Axel the new dog. He is funny, and scruffy, and a bit feisty—like me!! In fact … he is feisty like me and YOU! You are feisty. We are feisty. We love that energy. It is energy that moves and makes things happen.

              I am here to bring deep peace, and love, for that is what I am.

Axel … tell me … who are you? … I am dog. I am companion and friend, and we will have adventures together. I am stubborn, like you. I like to walk and be in the sun, like you. I don’t always do the right thing, just like you! I like to bark and shout and make noise, but I am young, and so sometimes I am still finding the way of behaving appropriately. … But mostly, I am Angel dog, and you have sensed my wings. I come to bring love, to bring smiles, to bring affection, to bring awareness of the beauty of a dog in a family, and in a shop! I come because we both share a mission. You seek to learn, I seek to teach and to inspire. In fact, we both seek to inspire. We are alike, you and I. We are souls of similar vibration. I, however, speak my mind, whereas sometimes you do not. I do not care what people think about me. You do. You shouldn’t. You are wondrous! If you saw yourself as I do … oh my goodness … when people did not want me any more, you came along, knowing I was the one for you. And when you met me and saw my energy levels you were not put off. I jumped all over you and you laughed. I knew that we would have so much fun together. But most of all … I knew you needed me, as much as I needed to be needed, and wanted. You wanted me to be your companion. I wanted a companion who wanted me. You have been patient with me, as I have been patient with you. I don’t always understand what you want me to do, and sometimes I do not want to do what you want me to do. I do, however, appreciate that you try to understand what I want, what I am trying to ask for. You watch me, you are learning.

              Panther knows who I am. He loves me. For I am very lovable!!

              I bring angel wings, healing, smiles, and love, and yet, so much more.

              The more you can communicate with me, the more you will learn, and the deeper our bond will come.

              Do not worry. I may have times of being uncertain, but one thing I am very certain of is this: I know you love me. And I love you too!

Panther and Axel … you two totally ROCK!!!!!! Thank you so much for talking with me and sharing that!!