The World is NOT illusion. It is CREATION!

I get it now … where once this was not my truth, as my understanding has expanded (as my vibration has risen) so has my truth changed and evolved into a deeper understanding of life and the world.

For quite some time I had ‘bought in’ to the belief that the world around me was not real, that it was all illusion, and that the real world was the unseen one. I do not deny the existence and truth of the unseen world.

But now I realise what the truth really is, (for now at least, as there is a chance that will change as my understanding deepens further while my vibration rises higher). In the meantime, I allow all people their own truth and their own beliefs, and I am simply sharing my own understanding, as so often when I write about these things I get many messages from people who believed the same thing, or had been seeking the clarity I wrote with, or just needed the direction and information that I shared. I also get many messages simply saying ‘Thank you!” And to all of you, thank you!

So … to get back to what I was writing about …now I realise what the truth really is …

The world we see around us is very real. The life around me is very real! How? Our thoughts are energy which we send out. They are a vibrational creation. So every time a person thinks ‘they are destroying the forest, this is so terrible’ you send out that energy and add to ‘they are destroying the forest’ and you help create that reality. Now, before you bite my head off, let me simply posit an alternative line of thinking: “I love the forest, and I give thanks to the forest, for the time it has stood, and I give thanks for its returning. I give thanks that the people making decisions to chop down the forest will be inspired to find other ways, and choose a sustainable way. I give thanks that all native forests will be nurtured and loved, and that they will thrive, as will all life—seen and unseen—thrive within the forest. I give thanks for the sustainable forests that will be grown to provide the wood, needed, and I give thanks to those trees for their role, and I bless each and every one, and I give you my love and gratitude. I know that there are better ways coming for us all to live in this world, and I am appreciative of my role, as a loving being, holding that space and energy of love and gratitude. And I know that all is well.”

This is the line of thinking and the way of thinking that creates magnificent change.

I have heard people say ‘well, the world is F—-ed anyway!’ and I implore you to please never think or say such words again, for you are creating what you speak off, you are adding to every other person who has said that and creating it. You must take responsibility for your words!!!

So, the way this world is right now, is the result of all of us. No one is exempt from responsibility. It will require every single one of us to change things, and we begin with thought. I have said to many people, in many speeches, and at many meetings “If every single person on the Earth held the thought of peace for just five minutes, the world would be forever changed!”

The world is not illusion, it is showing us very clearly the power of our own ability to create!!

I also take offense when people say ‘oh don’t worry, our star brothers and sisters are coming to fix it all’ because when you believe others are coming to fix the problem, what do you do? Nothing. You do nothing because, after all, others are coming to fix it. Now, whether they are or not does not change this one simple truth: you have do your bit! You cannot sit back and do nothing.

When we deny our own ability, and give all the power to star brothers and sisters, we abdicate our responsibility, and we completely deny that we have any power at all. But … we are made of the same stuff as our ‘star brothers and sisters’, we are all made of the same consciousness. And to say ‘they are more advanced than we are’, well, that might be true of you but you do not know what other people on earth are capable of, so how about we accept that we have people here, on earth who are advanced and quite capable, and no they are not planted here by aliens. They are us! We have got to stop denying our truth, and our capabilities. We are made of Universal Consciousness, as are all things, and we have merely to tap into that truth and begin to work with it, and I do mean work!!!

Just because one person does not understand the truth of their reality, does not mean there are not a thousand who do! Just because one person has got it wrong, does not mean there are not 10,000 who have got it right! Just because you do not understand and experience being a master creator, does not mean that I do not understand and know. You do not know what another person has truly experienced, and what they are quietly capable of and quietly doing!!!!

That state of the world was caused by all of us … and it will be fixed by all of us. All of us working together towards a common goal. And I have absolutely no doubt that we can achieve it. Remember that in the Covid19 lockdown, the channels of Venice became clear, and dolphins swam there; animals wandered back into towns and villages; birds flittered closer into the cities; smog cleared; waters cleared; life started to bloom again. And all we did was stay at home. Mother Nature has her own powers to heal herself. It is now up to all of us to do our part too.

The collective consciousness of the earth has a tipping point, commonly called the 100th Monkey Syndrome. So, you do not know if you might be that ‘100th‘ person. And, in case you are, please play your part and do the best that you can possibly do.

And always remember: your thoughts are a creation energy!

Better thoughts …. Better life!

Not just for five minutes … better thoughts all the time!!!