Ego and Soul

I have been thinking about this a great deal, struggling with it, but as my old friend, Almora would say, you cannot unknow what you now know … and I cannot unknow it.

I cannot unknow that so long as I judge another, I am ruled by my ego and not my soul, that when I am annoyed with another, judge them, criticise them in any way, then I am ruled be ego.

When one looks at another and judges them for the way they have treated another, then it is ego making that judgement, for soul would merely accept that all people have their own journey, and the only journey that is any of my business is my own. If a friend abandons me, the very thought that they abandoned me is my ego speaking. My soul would say, all people walk their own journey, and sometimes our paths come together and then they part again, and that is perfect, and as it is meant to be.

You see? My soul is wise. My ego is judgmental and critical and it loves to be fed, and to be in the drivers seat making up stories in my mind, driving my energy and focus in the wrong direction. Is my ego evil. No, not in any way, it is more like a naughty child who does not know any better and has not learnt a good code of behaviour. Now I have this rampant unruly child that I must teach constantly. 

When I think I know more about something than another person. Ego.
When I think I am spiritually above another person. Ego.
When I think I am a highly evolved being. Ego.
When I love myself, and appreciate myself. Soul.
When I am grateful for the warmth of the sun. Soul.
When I sit down to write and the words are so beautiful. Soul.
When I sit on my patio and appreciate my garden and lawns. Soul.
When I look at my dog, or think of my cat and am filled with love. Soul.

I am not better than you. I am not lesser than you. We are equal.

We are all equal. A dog, a cat, a bird, they are all equal to me too, as they are a part of the Divine Energy, with their own Divine Origins. They are not here to serve me, they are beautiful and equal to all other life.

The tree, too, is a divine being. All of life is divine. 

The angriest person, is still a divine being, having forgot he is a divine being, and having also no knowledge of how to make life better, and become happier. Is it in his ability to do so? yes. 

When I sit, and it is my Soul who sits … the peace that fills me is beyond description. When I sit, and my ego thoughts fill my mind, there is discomfort, and anxiety. When my ego is rampant, my faith in Source is absent.

Now, every time I have a thought, I check it. Ego? Soul? It is a new pathway for me to walk, but it is one on which I know my vibration rises … and that is my purpose, on my own uniquely individual journey, to raise my vibration higher and higher, and to share tactics and tools with you all along the way. I will try it and test it, and share it with you, but I share from a place of experience, not from mere words that have no substance. 

There are no excuses. But, I will forgive myself each time I stumble, and I will not judge myself for having stumbled.