Your care, to change the world

I walk my dog Axel every morning, and I rejoice at the beautiful gardens that I see along my way, and feel sad when I see neglected gardens and neglected properties.

I realised something new today … when I rejoice at the beautiful gardens and properties I walk past it is not just that they are so beautifully cared for, but that I can also sense the happiness of the plants, the shrubs, the trees, of the gardens themselves. I can actually feel their joy, their delight, their love. They appreciate being cared for.

When I walk past neglected properties I feel the sadness of it all … the sadness that no one cares for the property, no one takes care of it. The house, the lawns, the gardens are neglected and unappreciated.

This has made me think about how often people complain about the state of the world, and I want to ask them “How is your garden where you live? How are the lawns? How is the state of the house? Owned or rented, do you take care of it, keep it clean, appreciate it?” If not …. If the gardens are a mess, then can you really look at the rest of the world and complain?

I see too many properties where the people living there just don’t care. It’s an un-cared-for shambles. 

Is it any wonder that the world reflects this back to us?

Is the world trying to say ‘For heaven’s sake, will you please appreciate me and take care of me?’ This goes for the world and your back yard.

Wherever you live, be it rental or owned, you are responsible for that little piece of the world. 

Have you noticed how sometimes you walk past a house that is well cared for, with lovely cared for gardens, how it uplifts you? You are picking up on the energy of that little piece of the world, and the people who live there. When you walk past a house and just feel a smile on your face, you are picking up on the energy of that little piece of the world. When you walk past a house that looks like ‘a shit heap’ you feel a disappointment and a sadness, and that is how that house is feeling, how the gardens are feeling. Neglected, unloved—like a neglected puppy.

If we want the world to be a better place, to be cared for, it begins at home. It always begins at home. No Exceptions. No excuses.

So … how is my house and garden? I am in lawn renovations at the moment. My gardens are all weed free and tidy. My house is clean, and cherished. My houseplants are cherished, my walls and ceiling, everything in and of my house is appreciated. My fence is appreciated. This entire house and property, as small as it is, is appreciated and loved so very much, as it was by the previous owner who loved her gardens. When she passed away the house was sold and passed into my care. 

We spend so much time worry about the state of the world out there, that we do not tend to the world around us, that which is within our reach, and awaiting our care.

I want to ask each and every one of you: Are you taking care of the place where you live? Of the house/flat/apartment, of the gardens and the lawn?

It is not that we must do this if we care about the world … it is that we must do this! We must do this!

No excuses. 

The world changes through the many seemingly small things that we do.

I urge you to think very carefully on this. You have a responsibility of care.