If you don’t change, you will stay exactly where you are!

Too much talk in the spiritual community hints that there are global changes, that you will magically move to a higher dimension … this, naturally, tells you that it will happen and that you do not need to do anything. So, what do you do? Nothing? Through doing nothing does your vibration rise? No. Through doing nothing, do you spiritually evolve? No. Through doing nothing, do you advance towards a higher dimensional level? No.

Through doing nothing, what happens? Nothing.

Through not changing, what happens? Nothing.

You will stay exactly where you are, until you begin to walk the journey and do the work.

Only you can examine your reactions, your moods, your emotions, your thought patterns. Only you can make changes. Only you can do the work to raise your vibration.

People that indicate that you do not need to do anything, that you can sit on your hands, and the work will magically be done and you will magically suddenly be in a higher dimension … they are misleading you. Perhaps they themselves do not understand how uniquely individual the journey is? Perhaps they do not comprehend that it is up to each of us to do the work.

It cannot be done for you, any more that my visits to the gym could help you become fitter and stronger. If you want to be fitter and stronger, then you must do the work! If you want to raise your vibration then you must do the work!

I do not particularly like to use the phrases 3rd dimension or 5th dimension, as I prefer to view it all as vibration … but to borrow the phrases so that I can explain this simply … The world is not filled with people all living in the 3rddimension. The world is filled with people living, alongside each other, in different dimensions. Some are 3rd, some 4th, many 5th, probably many 6th and even 7th. How do I know this? It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Can you compare a man in prison for murder with the Dalai Lama and say they are both living in the 3rd dimension? No. The Dalai Lama is most certainly not 3rd dimension, he is above that. What dimension? I do not know, possibly 5th, possibly 6th … he lives with love in his heart always and that is above living in the third dimension. The murderer does not live with love in his heart and he is most certainly not about to miraculously become filled with love and rise to 5thdimension. It is his free will to be as and who he is and we cannot force a change upon him. He must make the choices and walk the journey according to his own free will.

However, he may, as more and more other people walk their journey and raise their vibration, being affected by the rising vibration these people emit, and feel inspired to walk his own journey, and only then will be begin the journey towards 5th dimension. He must walk the journey to fifth dimensional living, just as we all do—and have. Fifth and beyond.

As more and more and more people walk their journey, raising their vibration, doing all the work that is required of them, understanding and knowing so much more as their vibration rises, they have a collective effect. It is as if they are helping to warm the waters for other people. That is why it is so important that we do the work, and walk the journey, because we have a direct effect on the rest of the world. But … I cannot walk your journey for you. You must walk it.

I urge you to be cautious about what words you put trust into. Even these. Feel into them. How do they resonate with you? You can (we call can) feel into another person’s words and know them. You can feel into their words and find if there are traces of ego in those words, traces of ‘I want to feel special’ and you can also feel when the words come from a true and honest heart. You can feel when the words come from their Soul. You can feel when the words are pure and inspired by the Divine. Trust in your own ability to feel this.

This is your journey. Make it beautiful. Make it joyous. And as you do that everyone around you will feel that beauty and that joy.