Be the change …

Be the change you want to see in the world.

If you want a peaceful world, be peaceful.
If you want a loving world, be loving.
If you want a calm world, be calm.
If you want a kind world, be kind.
And do these things regardless of anyone else
Regardless of what the rest of the world is doing.

This is a very simple philosophy, a very simple way to live.

At its core it is self responsibility, and self choice. I direct my own life.

Do I want a ‘new earth’ or a higher dimensional world? It does not matter what I want, it matters how I live. In truth there is no magical wave of energy which will suddenly change the world or create a new one, there is only the personal choice that we all make, each and every one of us. People talk of us awakening, as if it is something that will just happen without any effort from us, and this is the misleading assumption that we make. In truth, we must do our own work, choose our way of living, acting, thinking, being. In other words, we must be the change we wish to see in the world.

Free will allows us all to choose our own journey. Some people choose journeys of crime, anger, rage, abuse, violence, and that is their choice. Until they choose another way they will remain a low vibrational being. But, as more and more people embrace their spiritual journey the vibration of the world rises, little by little, and such violent people will begin slowly to feel different—just like the proverbial frog in the pot of water that is slowly brought to the boil. This violent person is not going to suddenly wake up as a high vibrational being, he is going to change, and it may be a slow change, but it will be as a result of the global change in vibration. He will begin to make different choices, and he will meet people who will inspire him to do so.

BUT, this rise in global vibration will only happen when more and more people choose to raise their vibration and live in harmony with themselves, their family, their friends, their neighbourhood, their country, their world, with all of nature. It will not be thrust upon you suddenly and violently. You must choose your steps along the way … you must choose to heal that within you which needs healing, you must choose to not judge, you must choose to forgive, you must chose to understand that all people have their own journey, and you must choose to be loving, kind, gentle, compassionate, no matter what. You cannot judge, hurt, harm, hate, resent, be vengeful, hold grudges, or be insulting or rude to people.

Not sounding so easy after all, is it? These patterns of behaviour are common in society. We have not been brainwashed by society or even programmed by society, it is simply that society often does not know any better, and so patterns of behaviour become accepted and then repeated. If you don’t believe me, think about the common culture of bullying and harassment at many of our Councils (well known, and yet accepted, and perpetuated.)

Living in harmony is not an overnight thing. This is why a sudden shift in global consciousness will not be sudden. It will be a result. Living in harmony means we have to change habits, change patterns, and we also need to pay attention to every reaction we have, look at it, understand it, heal it, let it go. We need to consider the footprints we leave on this world. And we need to understand our connectedness to the ALL.

If, for one week, you focussed on appreciation and gratitude, if you looked for all the wonderful things in your life to appreciate, to be grateful for, you would find that after one week you will feel differently. No do it for a month. You will notice that you life has changed.

It is simple. A person who always complains will always find things to complain about and the universe will hand it to him on a platter because that is his point of focus! A person who is always grateful and appreciative of the wonderous beauty of life and of people, will feel glorious, and will always see more and more things to appreciate and be grateful for, because that is their point of focus. The universe will match your point of focus. If you don’t believe me, test the theory for yourself, as I have done!

Be peaceful no matter what is going on around you. Be the peace you desire to see in the world. No excuses, no ‘he did this’, ‘she did that’, ‘you don’t understand what it is like’. No excuses. You either want peace, or you don’t. And true peace does not rely on anyone else or anything else. Simple be the peace you desire to see in the world.

Be loving, kind, and compassionate, no matter what is going on around you or in the world. At this time this is a very important thing to be. Allow others their own choices, allow them their own viewpoints, allow them their own fears, allow them their own anger … none of these things are yours. You are, remember, loving, kind, compassionate.

When you hold anger, you hold that in your body. When you hold resentment, you hold that in your body. When you hold fear, you hold that in your body. In your cells. These are low vibrational things to feel. Rise up, raise your vibration, and you will raise the vibration of every cell in your body.

Be joyous! The sunrise is so magical, the sunset is glorious, the flowers are incredible, the taste of coffee delicious, the cake wondrously sweet, the warm wind so soft upon the skin, and the bed so cosy. There is so very much to be joyous about. I will not choose to feel terror and anger and fear just because another person thinks I should—again, their journey, not mine.

I will be the change I desire to see. I will not wait for some magical wave of energy or some specific date, I will do the work, every day of my life, and my ‘work’ is to live a life of love, and joy, and laughter, and abundance, and to cherish this world, this ALL.

My life is filled with love, with peace, with joy, with appreciation, with gratitude, with compassion. I walk my own journey, and that is my gift to this world.