So many opportunities for growth …

My perspective–and this is a SPIRITUAL perspective.

Never before in this era have I witnessed so many opportunities for growth.

You see … every time we have a reaction to something, that is an opportunity to ask ‘Oh, that’s interesting, what is that reaction all about?’ and thus we have an opportunity to grow.

Many buttons are being pressed. Oh, that’s interesting, what’s that reaction all about? Fear? ‘Fear of what?’ I ask myself. ‘Fear of … I don’t know … that I will die?’ Why is death the fear? Because so much being bandied about all over the place is fear of death … vaccinations, non-vaccination, disease, viruses, lies, truths, theories, manipulations, corruptions, conspiracies … If any (or all) of these cause a fear in me then I really need to look closely at that fear. Fear of death? I am an eternal soul, it is only the body that will be deceased one day. So it is fear of dying too soon? Well …

Yep … well … if I am going to put that fear into my consciousness, into the cells of my body, then as the master creator that I am, I could very possibly create that outcome.

Fortunately for me I know myself as the powerful creator being that I am, that you are, that we all are! So … the question I ask myself is: ‘what is it I desire to create for myself in this experience of life?’ Joy! Love! Laughter! To know myself as a part of the Creator, as a part of the God Mind within the God Mind. To play and dabble in this experience called life on Earth.

If I join the collective consciousness of fear, then I add my creative power to that fear, and help to create it. That is, surely, the very opposite of what I desire!

Why would someone who knows they are a powerful creator then set about creating that which they don’t want? Because they don’t actually believe they are a powerful creator. They say the words …. But they don’t actually believe them.

I see a lot of this being bandied about all over the place. People who believe there is something to fear, and thus add their power to that, then are horrified when more things to fear arrive in their lives. Well … we create that which we focus on, we attract more of it. So if we have a powerful fear, we attract more to be powerfully fearful of! It’s not rocket science. It is a basic spiritual truth.

So why are so many spiritual people in a state of fear, and sharing that fear, and encouraging that fear? Why are they protesting and complaining, and talking of evil. Because though they have said many times “We are all One”, they have never once truly believed it. While they have said “We are powerful creators” they have never once truly believed it. If they did, if you and I did, we would know that the solutions lie within our focus, within our thoughts, within our love, within our attention to loving all that seems unlovable.

We would give Covid love. We could give love to the vaccines. We would give love to all our leaders who are trying to do the best they can. Many people may disagree with that, but remember that we see things from our own perspectives.

Am I afraid of Covid, of vaccinations? No. They too are God Mind, God Consciousness. (When I travelled to Asia the first time I had to get a vaccination for Cholera, Typhoid, and take Malaria medication, and I did not question it, because I wanted to go to Asia and see someone very special to me.) 

I have been asked repeatedly for my understanding of all that is going on, and I do not have clear answers for anyone, I have only my own understanding. Where does my understanding come from? From that which I am. When I still my mind, feel my heart-space filled with the most beautiful love, with the love that flows between God Mind and I (though there is no separation) I feel and know that which is true, to me. I feel the divine peace, I feel the divine love, and I feel the divine wisdom, as a divine plan unfurls.

And so all I can say is … Within all that is going on in the world, we are all showing who we are, we are all showing what we believe in, we are all showing what we are creating, building, adding to. We are ‘outing’ ourselves publicly. And please take heed that all we say will not be forgotten, that there are consequences for every word, and every action.  Many who once said ‘We are all One’ have denied that truth, they have denied that all is one. How can I say that? Covid, is a part of that One, deserving of love. Vaccinations are part of that One, deserving of love. The research scientist, the nurse, the doctor, the child, the dog, the cat, are all a part of that One, deserving of love. 

This is all a grand opportunity to love. To simply love that which is. To love all of it. To understand that this is what it is all about: Our ability to love, or our inability to love. 

Love is the highest vibration …  it is a part of the journey towards ascension. 

There is a divine plan unfurling … and we all have the opportunity to love all things, to show that we truly understand we are powerful, loving creators.

My task is to love all of life, to understand it and love it, no matter what it is. To cherish all of life, all of life, not just the stuff I find pleasant. To love all of life, to encourage others to do the same.

If I look for the mud, I will find it, because I created it. If I look for the love and joy, I will find it, because I created it. I know and embrace my ability to create, and I recognise yours as well. Use it wisely.