A spiritual perspective on responding to our current world

Sometimes an understanding comes out of nowhere, sometimes out of what we have been worrying about or confused about, sometimes out of something we are frustrated about.

This understanding that I had—an epiphany if you life—came out of concern from what a person told me. I knew he was wrong, but I did not understand it all, and then … understanding arose this morning.

True high vibrational beings, Spirit, Angels, God/Universal Consciousness/Source Energy would never ever encourage us to be angry, to fight, to kill, to insult, to be unkind, mean or judgmental. All of that comes from fear. Anger comes from fear. We would never be encouraged to be afraid.

True wisdom, guidance, encouragement, that comes from high vibrational beings, Spirits, Angels, Jeshua, God/Universal Consciousness. Source Energy etc will ONLY ever come in love, will only ever be through love. That is how you know.

There is a Divine Plan unfolding, there is a Divine Plan in action … and all guidance, through that will only be through love. All response, will only ever be through love. The plan will only be a loving one, to bring love, to encourage love, to sow love, to nurture love.

So … when a person told me that more people needed to get angry, that it would build the energy higher and that ‘spirit told’ him this … I knew he was not speaking of any Divine Plan, but was rather in a state of fear, and encouraging others to be in the same state of fear, and he wanted everyone to be angry. So … what ‘spirit’ is he talking with? The toilet cleaner on Alpha Centauri, the street sweeper on the planet at the edge of the galaxy? The voice of his own ego? Just because someone says ‘spirit says’ does not mean they are communicating with a high vibrational spirit. Anything that anyone says ‘comes from spirit’ and is not loving, is communicating with a spirit who is not loving, who does not know their Divinity. If you are communicating with Spirit, with an Ascended one, with a truly wise being, with Angels, etc, it will always be loving, it will always be loving!

There is a Divine Plan, and it comes from love, and it is love itself, and it is encouraging us to be loving. It is encouraging us to come from love in all responses.

I am not afraid. I am not in fear. Why? Because I know there is a Divine Plan.

The cosmos was created in love, from love, and is made of love! It is not made of fear and anger. So please open your arms and embrace yourself first, and then embrace the rest of the world, and the rest of life itself!

Any time that anything happens, pause, take a deep breathe, and respond with love. I assure you that this will change the world.

If there is any battle in the world it is fear against love. You are either one or the other, but you cannot be both. Remember that anger, rage, greed, all come from fear, fear of loss, for or being hurt, fear of not having enough, fear that there is not enough for everyone. But, when you come from love, you raise your entire being, you raise your vibration, you raise your mood, you raise your consciousness, you raise yourself up.

Fear is a magnet. It attracts more to be afraid of, and the cycle continues.
Love is a magnet. It attracts more to love, and the cycle continues.

Love is that which we are, and so when we embrace that in all of our responses to this world, then we will see our world change. Anger/fear is not the answer, love is the answer. That may sound like such a cliché but it is not, it is the universal and divine truth.

And from love, and the enduring peace that love brings, solutions arise to many perceived problems in the world. So love that which you perceive as a problem for it is only wanting to be loved, and not feared. Embrace every opportunity as an opportunity to choose love, to be love in this world.

The world does not change around us, it changes because of us. Not by war, and rage, and anger and brutality, but by the most powerful of energies: Love. When we choose love .. everything changes.

So, be Peace, Love, and Harmony. This is how the world changes around us.