A very simple life …

As our vibration rises higher and higher, we access greater and greater Universal Knowledge … we access deeper understanding … we access more of the God Mind.

As we journey through life, we have endless opportunities to raise our vibration, through understanding our reactions to many stimuli, and also through witnessing other people’s reactions. All of life is an opportunity to evolve.

There is little value in being the exact same person in five years that you are today. The value is in being a better version of you, a more peaceful more loving, higher vibrational version of you in five years. I, for example, and not the same as I was on January the first of this year. I am more peaceful, more relaxed, and my faith in the Universal Consciousness/Source Energy has grown magnificently. I have experienced many things, and come to know and understand many different things at a deeper and deeper level, as a result of raising my vibration.

I also see and comprehend more clearly that we are all on such unique journeys. Your truth may have been my truth once up on a time, but now I look at your truth and know it is not mine. I comprehend differently. I know differently. 

I know the joy of the journey, the love of the journey, the peace of the journey, the progress of the journey, and I also know the challenges of the journey.

I witness the state of the world, people blaming everyone else, fear, anger, and when I witness that I witness a division, a ‘them and us’ attitude amongst people. I prefer not to walk that journey of thought. We are all responsible for the state of this world. We are all responsible, for both the global forests and the weeds in our own back yard. We are responsible for the compassion in warring countries, and the compassion in our own home and workplace. To think we are not is to abdicate our responsibility. So … what do I do? I focus on the peace, love, and joy of my own alignment, and I allow that vibration to emanate into the world. I pull all of my thoughts into a single pint of peace, and I hold that, knowing I am emanating peace into the world. This is me taking responsibility for what I put out there, for what I think, say and do.

If there is a single weed in your garden, you cannot complain about the state of the rest of the world. If there is disharmony in your own home, you cannot complain about the disharmony in the rest of the world. If there is anger in your own home, you cannot complain about the anger in the rest of the world. 

To live with peace and love in ones heart … now there is a challenge … and yet, there too is a way of life. The way of the peaceful warrior. The way of the monk.

In understanding the sacredness of all life,
one lives a very sacred life.

In understanding the respect for all of life,
one lives a very respectful life.
In understanding the benefit of peace for all life,
one lives a very peaceful life.
In understanding the upliftment of joy in all of life,
one lives a very joyful life.
In understanding the simplicity of life,
one lives a very simple life.

I may harp on and on about this … but if we want peace in this world then we must be that peace. 

And consider … you will always find what you look for. It is not seeing is believing, it is believing is seeing. We are, remember, creators, and so … what we think we are looking for … is what we are creating so that we may see it. This does sound a bit backward, but as wonderful creators we create what we are looking for. The looking for it is a part of creation.

In looking for beauty in a day, we begin to see it everywhere. In looking for fight, we begin to see it and feel it everywhere. In looking for joy and gratitude we feel so much joy and see and experience so much to be grateful for. 

I look for so much beauty in life, and I see it everywhere.

My life is sacred, respectful, peaceful and joyful! 

With great care I choose the energy of my day, of my hour, of my moments. It is my gift to myself, my home, my family, my world …