In the struggle, I search for peace …

Those desperate for power are fearful of having no power, and so, they act on that fear. Often a bully.

Then there are people who are afraid because they do not know what is happening, do not know what is going on, and they feel powerless and afraid, and so they act on that fear. Then things can sometimes get out of control.

Whilst there will be many arguments for both sides, each side will have a ‘yeah but’ to everything, be I talking about Russia invading Ukraine, or protesters in Wellington.

What I do know is that there has been so much tension created, so much fear, so much anger … it is having an impact on everybody. It is out of control.

There are days when I struggle to see any future for humankind if this is how we live. 

One person will argue they are doing the right thing, and then the person they hate will argue back ‘we are doing what we believe is the right thing’. The argument … both believing they know best, both believing they are right. It is an unwinnable argument. 

Then Russia, while the world is distracted with a global pandemic, plans an invasion of Ukraine. And I ask, if they succeed, where will they stop? The next country and the next?

I struggle to see any sense in it. I struggle with the divisiveness of humanity. People labelling and boxing others into so many boxes.

People are so angry because they are so afraid.

I look at my nation and I look at Europe, and I struggle not to feel afraid. Afraid of what fear does to people, afraid of what unchecked fear can do when it gets out of control.

As I have said before, in life there are only ever two responses to anything. We respond from LOVE, or we respond from FEAR. This is truth, universal truth.

My struggle has been when I forget to stand strong and make that choice and hold tight to it.

My struggle has been when I feel the collective fear and the wave of anger that acts like fuel onto the fire.

Since when is it okay to hurl rocks and bombs at people? It’s not okay. It’s not. And my anguish over the behaviour hurts my heart, hurts me to my core, brings tears to my eyes, grief to my beingness. In those time I see no hope. Perhaps we deserve to destroy ourselves?

But … when I remember my choice, fear or love, I hold that love, I hold it closer, I remember to grab hold of it again and again, as that fear washing through the air, through the shop, through the street. I close my eyes and I hold love tight, tight, tight!

And … I feel peace in my body, mind and soul. I feel peace. I feel love. I feel alignment.

If I allow myself to feel the fear in the world, I add to that fear, I emanate that fear, I vibrate at that level and then I affect all that is around me. I drop my own vibration and possibly the vibration of all around. I add to the problem. BUT… if I hold love, if I hold peace, I feel my vibration rise higher, and I know I am emanating that, and affecting all that is around me.

I see so many people who are afraid, who look at the world and feel no hope, and I want to tell you “You are the hope. YOU.” Each and every one of us have a choice of what thought we hold. When we hold peace, we create peace. When we hold love, we create love. WE are the solution.

Even a person on the other side of the world will be touched when you hold love, when you hold peace. As a collective consciousness there is no separation. When I feel love, you are touched by that love. When I feel peace, you are touched by that peace. It can be no other way. It is universal law.

So, let us use this to help our world.

Each morning when I walk my dog, I look at the beauty of the sky, of the sunrise, and I feel so uplifted, so joyous, and so grateful. And as I feel all those things, I emanate them.

The power to change our world is within all of us, and it is all of us. If we each took time in our day to silently sit in love and peace, and just held that state, imagine the impact. 

Silence for love and peace. EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD.