Health is not just exercise and food

I was walking Axel this morning, and I saw a man walking into the gym with his gym back slung over his shoulder.

It made me think …

So often we go to the gym, exercise, get the body fit, and we might add a healthy diet to that, eating well, making sure we get our fresh fruit, vegetables, protein etc. But, I also know that many a time while that is all being taken care of, the thoughts are not. The words are not.

It is pointless to exercise hard at the gym to keep fit and well, whilst thinking thoughts of anger, rage, resentment, violence, fear, which keep our energy field, our vibration low (unfit).

I might be bench pressing and see some guy and think ‘what a poser, look at that guy’ and the unhealthy nature of that thought will have a direct impact on my own vibration, on my own energy.

To have a healthy physical body is not possible if we don’t have healthy thoughts. Physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, one impacts the other, and overall health relies on being well and healthy in all areas.

Try it for a month. Maintain your physical fitness plans, and your health plans, but add in healthy thoughts, positive thoughts, appreciative, grateful, happy loving, thoughts. No criticising, no gossiping, no anger, hate, judgement, fear, no pride, no anger, no negative thoughts. No excuses, no ‘yeah buts’, and no ‘you don’t know what it’s like’. I can guarantee that if you can do this, then you will find, after that month, that you feel like a much better version of yourself.