The ‘now’ moment

Sometimes it is so confusing. 

People talk about ‘there is only now’ there is only this moment. And that is absolutely true. There is only this moment.

But then people also talk about ‘the new earth’ and ‘forget trying to awaken people, it is time to call in the lions’, and ‘the new humans’, ‘the new earth’ …

To be honest … I tire of it.


Because there is only this moment. 

And it is not my job to ‘awaken’ anyone. It’s arrogant to even think I can. It is your job to awaken yourself! My job is to awaken me. It’s THAT SIMPLE!!

It is your job to make whatever decision you make. It is your job to be kind. It is your job to show compassion. Or not. Whatever choice you make, there is a consequence, a karmic play set into immediate action. So, every choice you make will have a consequence.

That is all your responsibility, not mine.

I live my life the way I choose to live it. I make the choices I choose to make. I speak how I choose to speak. How I act, think, move, eat breathe, is all my choice. And I set in play a karmic consequence. I hope the way I live may inspire others. I share insights and understandings when people ask, or when the opportunity arises, so the others may consider things and make their own choices. 

But … again, there is no future, there is no ‘anything coming’ there is no future earth, no new humanity, there is only now and how we live now, in this moment. So if you want a better future live it right now in this moment. If you want a peaceful earth live it and be it right now in this moment. YOU are the human that is here right now. Love it! Eat it. Breathe it! Be joyous, if that is the world you want. 

Don’t wait for some future that never comes because there is only now and the choices you make in this moment which are the very foundation of that future. What you think, do, say, act, right now in this moment is what creates that future, so … this now moment is vital and it is all you have. Where you are right now in this very moment, a year ago was your future. Over that year, everything you have done, said, thought about, has brought you to this moment, has created this moment.

If we want a better world, it is not about waiting, it is about doing, speaking, thinking, right now.

Ten years ago, this moment was your future. A year ago it was your future. A month ago it was your future. A week ago and a day ago it was your future. And every thought, spoken, word, action taken, energy held, vibration emanated, has created this moment.

In the action of waiting, you deny your responsibility.

In the action of waiting, you do nothing—and yet even thinking is doing something.

The future is created in your now. Your now is a result of what you thought about, said and did in your past. 

Take responsibility.

Embrace it!

If you want a loving world, be loving now and in every now moment.

If you want a peaceful world, be peaceful now, and in every now moment.

If you want an angry world, then carry on being angry and hostile!

If you want peace, you must be the peace. It’s not rocket science! It’s fucking simple!

Every ‘now’ moment is a moment of creation.

Creation is eternally happening.

Every choice you make in this moment of ‘now’ is vital! It is that which builds this world, in every single moment. Eternal creation.