August Attitude of Appreciation


Let me start an August Attitude of Appreciation.

 In August … look for things to appreciate, do not look for things to complain about. Post things on facebook and social media that are appreciative, not critical, nor complaining. Smile more often. Laugh. Look at all of the things in your life to appreciate, and don’t give me any ‘yeah but’ because this is the month where ‘yeah but’ does not exist.

Every day find things to appreciate.

For the month of August, we will appreciate life.

Appreciate the rain that waters all of the land, and all of the life, and gives us water for our cups or tea and coffee, our hot showers. 

Appreciate the sunshine.

Appreciate the beauty of a flower, a shrub, a tree, a weed.

Appreciate the first blossoms that are beginning to open on the odd tree here and there.

Appreciate the animals you share your home with.

Appreciate the taste of that cup of tea or coffee.

Appreciate the taste of your breakfast, your lunch, your dinner, your snacks.

Appreciate the smells when you are outside.

Appreciate the wind that brushes over your skin.

Appreciate the smile of a stranger or a loved one.

Appreciate the bike you are riding and the joy of riding.

Appreciate the car you are driving and the ease with which you can travel

Appreciate the bus or taxi you are riding in, and the driver too.

Appreciate the stocked shelves in the supermarket, and even the shelves that are a little empty too!

Appreciate that you can buy petrol for your car, and don’t even be bothered about the price of the petrol.

Appreciate your job, appreciate the way it allows you to do so much, and find purpose and joy in every part of that job no matter what it is.

Appreciate the opportunities if you are not working, of the volunteer work that you could do, the free gardening you could do for someone, or even the fact that you can take a walk in the sunshine and simply rejoice in the day.

Appreciate that life is filled with opportunities and with joy. A simply change of your own focus and attention can reveal all of those opportunities and all of that joy to you. 

Appreciate that no matter how tough things may seem, you can always smile.

Appreciate the pillow beneath your head.

Appreciate all the beauty of life.

When we trial this for ourself, we quickly come to see that a state of appreciate puts us in a good space, a good energy. And we learn, as we get through August, that we have the capacity to change our mood any time we want, by finding a different point of focus and appreciation. Yes, you can blame other people, but remember, this is the month of appreciation. So … let it all go, and be appreciative!

Do not look ahead. Do not look behind. Look at what is around you right in this moment. Find appreciation, even if it is just the way the light catches the rim of the empty tin.

This moment, this very moment that you are in, it is all there is. Make it a beautiful moment, so that you use that energy to create the next moment, each built upon its predecessor.

Don’t look outside of yourself, don’t look to another, be it a person, a group, a nation. You, are the point of focus. No one is coming to save you from your misery. You are your own knight in shining armour and you shall be the one to rise above your own misery. Begin with the simple step of August Attitude of Appreciation!!

When we take full responsibility for ourself, we then become the captain of our own ship. I shall never trust the guiding of my ship to another. I am the captain of my ship. I steer it where it goes. I choose the direction.

I am fully responsibly for every thought I think, and the energy that that creates and emanates into the world. I am fully responsible for every word I utter, and the energy that creates. I am fully responsible for all of my actions. And I appreciate that responsibility for it has shown me how beauteous life can be when I embrace all of life and rejoice in the simple things, and appreciate all that there is to be appreciated.

As I appreciate, more is added unto me to appreciate.

August Attitude of Appreciation. It’s a real thing, folks. And it’s a real step in making a change in your own life–in proving to yourself that this works. Commit to it for one month, and you will see life respond.