I’m allowed to have an opinion

There are days when I wonder if people will begin to learn that it is okay to allow another person their own opinion, their own view on life. I wonder if people will be able to accept that we can be all living in different realities, and whilst your reality is true and real for you, it is not the reality that I live in. 

I look at people and I doubt it.

I have, over the last year, witnessed so much arrogance, anger, judgement, and nastiness, and I am so worn down by it. In fact, it has got to the point where I am almost afraid to have an opinion, for fear of the backlash of another, or for fear of opening up a ‘can of worms’ and having them shove their opinions down my throat. I am so tired of it. 

Let me make this one thing clear. We don’t have to agree on anything. We don’t have to have the same opinion. We don’t have to believe the same things. I am not asking you to believe what I believe. I honestly don’t care what you believe. It’s your life. Go live it and be happy – or miserable if that is your choice.

One of the great joys of the spiritual journey is the way the rising vibration accesses the wisdom we all hold, the wisdom that is a part of us. When we reach a specific vibration it is as if the understanding is just there, the knowledge is just there, the insight is just there. It was always there, but until we reach a high enough vibration we cannot access it. And the further along the journey we progress, the more we understand, and the simpler life becomes.

I know my reality is a different to the reality of many other people, but I have a strategy of healing the world I live in without the dominating negative impact of other people. I know, beyond any doubt, that I can close my eyes, think only of love and healing, and that I emanate that through the whole world. Your beliefs do not impact that. Your beliefs impact the reality you are creating.

I know I can go for a walk with Axel, my dog, and be in awe of a sunrise, and to feel Universal Consciousness/Source Energy/God, talking to me through that beauty. I can feel the wind, and know it is talking to me, I can look at the clouds and know there are messages there. I can watch the bird and rejoice at the birds own joy! I can marvel at a perfect lawn, laugh at a flower, smile at the sun, and stand in awe of the moon. I can feel the ocean teaching me, and the crashing waves singing to me. I can feel the thunder of the train across the tracks, and feel the rhythm and the song.

The further along the spiritual journey, the greater the understanding and knowing. You see, I know I impact my world with a single thought. For those who do not know that, they are constantly broadcasting all the stuff they say they don’t want! In their indignation and outrage they vent all over the place, like a ruptured sewer line!

When we begin to tend to our thoughts, our world changes, our reality changes. When you begin to experience, for yourself, the creative power of your thoughts, you will understand experientially how we change a world. It is not through anger. It is not through arrogance or outrage. It is through gentle peace, love, and paying careful attention to all of our thoughts. (As I write that the sun burst through the clouds to shine directly on me, affirming what I am saying! A message from Source Energy/God!)

In the meantime, please be kind to other people, share your love not your opinion, share your support not your judgement. (Again the sun shines even brighter upon me as I write that!)

We have the capacity to change the world. Conscious care of all thoughts, and conscious shopping. Don’t support businesses who rape and pillage the earth. Don’t buy from companies who over fish, destroy jungles, and burn villages. Vote with your dollars, while you change the world with your thoughts. Respect all life. Love all life.

We are the change …