Yesterday’s Disharmony

Do not let yesterday’s disharmony
Disturb today’s peace.

It is a simple quote, but a powerful one to move forth with.

How often do you wake up still obsessing over what happened the previous day, or days?

How often are you not able to let go of it?

How often are you actually chained to that past? Chained by your own continual focussing on it?

For many of us (if not most), we do hang on to things and obsess. But this is a new year, and so it is time to find a new way.

When we are annoyed about something, be it a person, or a situation, try to sit back and get a clear picture of what happened, and then a very clear understanding of all your responses. No justification, just facts—this is how I feel, this is what I am thinking. Facts.

Then what?

Then step back from it all. Allow the other person involved to live their own life to walk their own journey. Say to yourself “To you be your journey, to me be my own” and release them. Their behaviour is theirs to own.

But, your responses are yours to own. So look at those responses. What are they? Where do they come from? Dig past your first answer. Keep asking yourself, ‘yes, but why?’ and dig past each layer until you are able to get to the actual cause of your upset.

It is never the other person. It is never the situation. It is you.

It is YOU who is having a reaction and it is YOU who needs to dig through the layers to find out why, to find where this reaction has ultimately come from, where this pattern of reaction began. It could have been when you were three years old from a situation, a parent, an incident.

For so long as we do not address the reactions we will continue to attract the same situations over and over … The goal is to have no reaction. If you just move from the situation you will find the same situation wherever you move to, until you have dealt with it.

And … If you find you are the one triggering people, step back and take a look at your own behaviour that is causing the triggering. Is it motived by ego? Is it motivate by a need for power, to feel superior, to put someone down (all actually ego)? And look at that motivation. So long as you feel you are better than another person, you are coming from your ego. So long as you feel you know more than another person, you are coming from ego. So long as you believe you are from some lofty higher realm, you are coming from ego. You are a slave to your ego.

The ego has a role yes, but that role is not to be the master. The truly enlightened appear to be ego-less. The ego has no presence when you are with them. As with all emotions they are all at peace and the being lives in a harmonious state of love, grace and peace.

Look at your behaviour. Look at your reaction.

This is going to be a powerful year. I cannot describe what that means, I just know this is going to be a powerful year.

Walk with grace upon the earth.
Love her with every step
Tend, with loving care, the house and property where you live
Regardless of whether you own or rent
When you lovingly take care of the gardens where you live
You are lovingly caring for mother earth
This is how the earth comes back into balance
Loving care