Peace …

Every reaction we have to life, every response, creates an energy. Are we fuelling a pattern that does not suit us? Are we creating a well worn track that we just naturally go back to time and time again, walking it over and over? Does it serve us well? Are we happy on that track?

Could we make a change? 

If you respond to certain things in life by getting upset, by feeling hurt, how does that serve you? It is better to look at why you are upset. 

“Why does this upset me?”


“Because why?”

“Because it makes me feel …”

“Yes, but why?”

But why, but why, but why, but why. Keep asking until you get back to that point of origin, so that you can understand it, and heal it.

When we can do that, when we can understand it, then we can let it go, and choose not to be upset. Choose to stand back and observe, accepting that we all have our own journey to walk, and even if a person is angry with you, that is nothing to do with you, and only to do with them. If you get upset then that is yours to own, to look at.

No one can say you made them angry. Only you can choose anger. You can also choose to walk away. You can choose to end a friendship or relationship. You can choose to leave the situation.

Don’t allow yourself to be hurt over and over and over. It will end up manifesting into illness. It does you no good.

Peace. Calm. Love. Joy. These things are wonderful for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They will raise you up. Those will increase your vibratory rate.

By your own responses to life, you can rise, or sink, you can raise your vibration or lower it. Tell me …. Which one makes you feel good? Which one brings joy, understanding, and peace into your entire beingness?

As you walk the journey, addressing all in your life that ignites a negative response, you will raise and raise and raise your vibration. And no matter what happens around you, you will stand in that peace you have worked towards. If you have not dealt with your ‘stuff’, your ‘issues’, then you will not be able to stand in that peace. The issues will continue to come up because you have not learnt the lessons.

Peace is only true peace when you can be at peace no matter what madness is going on around you. No matter what is happening, you are at peace, you are serene.

A worthy goal?

If you are at peace, the world around you is being affected by that peace. You are emanating peace and changing the world. Now, imagine if ten thousand people did that. A hundred thousand. A million people. Peace on earth would be our reality.

The question is … are you part of the solution?

Or do you want to remain a part of the problem?

We all have a choice to make, in every moment, in every situation … and the choices we make not only define us, they define the world. That is a very big responsibility, that you cannot remove yourself from.