In this final day of 2023

Choosing The Way of Peace

2023 … Thank you for everything … for the good, the bad, the ugly, the sweet, the sour.

I look at the world at the end of this year … and it is a far far different world than it was at the beginning of the year.

It is a far worse world.

It is a messy and painful, and violent world, touched with swaths of peace, love, and prayers.

And one thing is so so certain to me … so certain …. And that is … 




If we do not … we will destroy ourselves.

And so … in this last day of 2023, I plea with us all: choose a better way.

Choose the Way of Peace and Love.

It is time.

It is beyond time!

And it is vital.

Greed, fear, rage, are tearing this world apart, and it must stop. It must stop now. 

There are no innocent parties. There never are in war. The atrocities that are going on, from all sides in every war, are inhuman, and they must stop.

You do not own the country you live in. It belongs to the Earth. You do not own the mountains, the rivers, the lakes, the fields. They belong to the Earth.

We … all of us … are the Caretakers. It is our responsibility to take care of the land, and the life upon it. To take care of all animals, and all peoples.

And so … if this final day of 2023  … PAUSECONSIDER … and CHOOSE to move forward in peace and love.

We WILL stand united in peace. For we will turn our backs on war. We will turn our backs on violence. We will turn to LOVE, to PEACE, and we will cherish this land, and this world.

It is time for a New Way … but it is a very old Way … is it the Way of Peace and Love. 

It is a WAY, that has been followed and forgotten, followed and forgotten, over and over … and we now enter the necessary time of remembrance.

Walk with me on the Way of Peace and Love. 

2024 is the first of the Years of Peace … as we chose to walk The Way of Peace.