We need to see the inter-connectedness

I was thinking about this all as I passed a school where they had chopped the trees down and only stumps remain, and I thought about the rest of the world … If we knew our inter-connectedness we would understand the balance, the connectedness, the beauty of it all. (Will that school wonder why the field floods in times of heavy rain now that there are no trees to ‘drink’ the water?)

Humankind are the only species that destroys its own habitation, poisons its land and water. And yes, native cultures lived in harmony with the land, so, where along the line did greed and arrogance enter and take over?

And yet, tribes and cultures have often fought over land, fought over ownership knowing that the land is a resource, to provide food, hunting, water, farmland. We have always fought … we have always argued, we have always sought to ensure our survival.

I am tired … I am tired of seeing this.

Whilst I have the utmost respect for all native cultures, many did fight amongst themselves, and their battles are legendary, and that was simply a part of their life. There is no judgment here, just the observation. But times change.

As I said … I am tired … tired of witnessing a species who does not see the inter-connectedness of all life. The bee, the rat, the fox, the bear, the koala, the possum, the pukeko, the falcon, the cat, the dog, the tree, the flower, the blade of grass, the mountain, the rock, the ocean, the ocean floor, the coral, the pebble … everything is inter-connected.

We must learn to nurture this inter-connectedness. We must learn to respect that all life has a role, that when we live in balance with all of life, that all of life lives in balance with us!

This may be the most important writing I ever do, as I desperately try to get you all to understand this! 

            This world is not a resource.

            All of this world is inter-connected.