We are all Sparks

In our socially conditioned desire to complain and criticise, to focus on the negative, to embrace that which media serves us … we fail, repeatedly, to accept that the power of our thoughts and focus has a direct impact on the world.

Our dominant thoughts have a direct impact on our day. If we are sparks of the Divine, a phrase which is so often bandied about … why do we not act like it? And why do we not use that divine truth to create better?

We use people, manipulate them, emotionally manipulate them, play the poor me, play the victim, use our love as a currency to buy, sell and exchange, and we preach, feel superior than, lesser than, above others, below others … but we do not act divine despite all of our lovely language.

So … here’s a kicker.

If you are going to claim to be a spark of the divine, you bloody well better start acting like it!

You do not ever judge another, for that spark of the divine is allowed to choose their own journey through life, and their journey does not have to match yours! Do not be so arrogant and judgmental that you think you can tell them better. It is enough that you can look and understand how they are creating their life, and perhaps you can share some inspiration, but do not judge them. Allow them their own life, for this life is brief when you compare the age of the earth, we are mere moments in time.

I have heard people complain about their neighbours, wanting to do banishing spells, and all sorts of things, but I knew, as I listened to them that the problem was THEM, that as soon as they stopped reacting, and thought only of peacefulness, love, and allowed the other person their own journey, whilst embracing their own reactions, and understanding them, and choosing peace and love no matter what was going on around them, that the issue would resolve itself. 

Peace is a choice. I understand that many people would refuse to accept that … but I can say, through my own experience and my own journey that it is!

Stilling my mind, is a choice. Letting it run chaotic is a choice. I am realising these things for myself, and I share them to encourage and inspire you so that you may consider the possibility for yourself.

Each day I choose ‘this is going to be a fabulous day’, and I have devoted to this experience for the last week—after admittedly feeling tired and jaded, and worn out—and I engaged more with life and with people. The result: Oh my goodness, each day was a joy. I chose to engage more, I chose to have a great day, and I did! And at the end of each day I give thanks for the wonderful day, I give thanks for the wonderful people and the wonderful things that happened. I live in a state of appreciation and gratitude. From this state of being my life is in alignment with Source. I have felt blessed and joyous!

If I am an expression of the Divine, of Source Energy, Universal Consciousness, then I should darn well be acting like it. But, I admit, we each have to find our own journey to that. I spent many years studying, following, learning, gaining, and then I took all that I had learnt and experienced and set off on my own path. 

My dominant thoughts create my life. I am at ease with my own journey, and no longer try to rescue others, I allow them their own journey, I aid where I can, and I hopefully inspire people, but I can only shine a torch here and there for them, and then they too must walk their own journey. Yes, I can sit back and see their patterns and see why thy create the life they create, and I can understand them better, but they are the one creating their life, and I freely and lovingly allow them to do so.

As a spark of the Divine, I expect much of myself. But first I had to come to fully accept that I am a spark of the Divine, and I don’t mean that in just words, for it is a phrase commonly bandied about, but rather to totally accept, understand, embrace and know it to. I am a spark of the divine, no lesser than, the divine itself. Therefor, I have access to all that the divine has, but, as I have said many times, accessing all of that is via vibration/frequency. The higher my vibration rises, the more I know and understand. High still, and higher and deeper understanding and knowing. This is my life, this is how I live my life. 

You can live your life any way you choose. It’s not my place to judge. And it’s not my job to save you. I wish you a wonderful journey, a wondrous one!! And I will share many things with you that may cause you to think, that may inspire you, but that’s just because I love to share, to talk, to inspire, to smile, to laugh, and to be joyous and happy in my life! (There are at least twenty house plants in the room I am writing in, and I want to share that joy with them too, and recognise them as divine sparks also.)

We are all sparks of the Divine … I see too many who have no clue how wonderful they are. I see too many who do not have a clue that the person standing before them is them, a part of their ultimate wholeness expressing through a different being.

It’s time we did better.