Let go of the past

old-ball-and-chain-series-1-1552304In opening to the journey ahead, we are best served if we leave the old journey behind.

This is not to say that what happened to us is irrelevant, it is to say that, so often we allow ourselves to be chained to the past. And that means we cannot move forward.

And yet, we are always moving, day by day, further from that past, and yet … so often we cling to it, to the bad. To recognise, love, and honour the good, to give thanks for it’s beauty, that does not have chains, that allows us to move forward with ease, in fact it supports us on our journey forward.

Often there is a tendency to make peace with where you are, and to stay there. After all, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t, and I am not talking about relationships, I am talking about where we are at in our life.

To move forward, in the most gracious and beautiful way possible, we choose to focus on the positive, on the beauty around us, on love, on joy, on laughter, on kindness, on generosity of spirit, and on the love within our own heart.

For those people who you know will always be there for you, will always love you, don’t discard them! Don’t cast them aside. That does not serve you! And don’t assume you know all there is to know about them either. Such people are more than you could imagine, and if you take the time, you will come to know the beauty of a soul expressing itself here on Earth, a soul expressing in a way you have never experienced. Don’t assume anything, don’t jump to conclusions, and don’t be scared. These people are genuine. These people are authentic. And yes, they are still growing too, and still becoming more, with the continued passion to be more and more and more. It does not serve you to cast these people aside. And yet, it seems so often that these people do get cast aside, and travel the journey with only a small and intimate group of friends. But, I assure you, these people will change the world!

So, to move forward, you have to simply let go of the past. Yes it has shaped you, yes to has brought experiences that you may not have enjoyed, but, take the strength you gained from surviving, take the lessons on how not to treat people, and forgive the sickness that sometimes pervades people of low will power, of low morals. You never need to be angry, because Karma is a balancing scale that you do not always see. What is that saying ‘vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord’, though it does not matter if he actually said that or not, it is truth, in that what you put out there, comes back to you, and it can come back triple power!!

I heard a story the other day of a violent person who after serving time in prison for his hideous act, had a car accident and was literally torn apart. Do not seek vengeance, it is not your role, it is the role of the universe to balance the scales.

I know it is a hard thing to let go of the past, but do we truly want to relive it and make it real over and over and over again, or do we want to be happy. If we want to be happy we have to make our peace with it, let it go, let the universe take care of it all, and find the joy that we all so deserve. (Get help, get counselling if you need to, do whatever it takes.)

The behaviour of some people is simply beyond comprehension, so don’t try to understand it, just look into your own heart and be at peace with life, at peace with the love that you are, at peace with the peace and joy that belongs to you, if you will only learn to let it in.

The journey is not an easy one, and though familiarity is a lovely safe place to live, the soul often becomes restless, and then the mind and body become restless, and the pull forward, the push becomes stronger and stronger and more nagging, until we have no choice but to take a step.

There are times when we are pulled, and we allow that pull, allow that journey, and we can literally feel the energy from our heart pulling us forward, and we feel ourselves willingly going with that pull. It is joyous. It is alignment!!

Your future does not lie in your grip upon that past, it lies in your present thoughts.