I choose what I emit …

We are not powerless in this world. Our very thoughts are a vibration that travels far. If we all combined thoughts of peace, we would have peace in an instant. However, humankind are all at different vibrations, and so we are all very different beings.

That is why it is up to those who comprehend my statement, to do the very best that they can to be at peace, to hold peace, to vibrate peace. To be calm, and gentle, to vibrate calm and gentleness. No matter what is going on in the world.

I hold great faith that there is always a divine plan unfolding. I know that the greatest gift I can give to myself, my children, my family, my friends, my world, is to be the most loving, graceful, peaceful, calm, wise being that I truly am.

I see, through all the cracks of chaos in this world, light shining through, as people vibrate with love, as so many hold thoughts of peace. As each of us sit in peace, in love, in gracefulness, we bring that into the world. The more of us that do this, the greater the effect. Where even two people can do this together, the power is amplified greatly. So be not afraid of what is going on in the world, do your bit, play your part, speak up when called to speak up, but be gentle in your words and in your actions. Send love to those who seems the most unlovable. Send love into the darkest places. Do not be afraid.

Raise your vibration, then raise it, and raise it again. It is a journey of vibration that we walk.

I come not to learn lessons, but to know who I am, to live as the Being that I am. In raising my vibration, in raising my consciousness I access the highest vibration of knowledge, and ability … and thus my guidance to you to raise your vibration and then raise it and raise it again.

Harm no living being. Cherish all of life. Send love to those in pain, send love to all beings that are suffering, and know that your love makes a difference.

Sit, walk, eat, breathe, speak, and even think, in calm, in peace, in love, in grace.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, and this is our task. Let’s do it!