Your journey is yours. My journey is mine.

Your journey is yours. My journey is mine. I cannot walk yours. You cannot walk mine. Each is unique.       

And yet, how often do we look upon the life of another and think we know best, think we know what they should do?

We are not meant to walk the same journey. We are not here to do the same work, like robots.

What is my journey? What is the map for me to follow?

 I do not know.

I do not need to know?

Why do I not ned to know?

Because like any map, there are always optional detours I may take. I may deviate from my map, but I believe I will always reach my goal, in the end.

What I have found most important to my journey is to have faith, and to trust in Source Energy/God/Universal Consciousness/Holy Spirit/the Great Spirit. When I have faith, I feel a relaxation within me, a peace, a knowing that I am taken care of. I feel an ease.

When I am afraid, scared, I know that my faith is lacking. And I also know that when I have fear I am likely to attract that which I fear. 

When I am in alignment, when I have faith, the guidance is there, and it may simply be to sit and rest, or to ask a question, or to ponder something and allow knowing to rise within me. Sometimes I have to put aside my desire to know the details and accept that a feeling or understanding is enough.

There is a push, in society, that we all fit into a box, that we all aspire to certain principles, that we all desire to attain status and possessions. But we do not push people to aspire to be happy, to accept that we are all we need, to accept that we are not all the same, to embrace our gifts, to accept that while we may not be an academic genius, we may be a wonderful care giver, or a gardener, or a surgeon, or an artist …. We all contain gifts, and it is merely a matter of find that which we truly love to do!

However, to reach that, we must follow a path of love and kindness also, for it we are cruel and unkind, if we steal, if we are brutal, then we set karmic consequences into action. The journey may deviate so far that we spend a lifetime caught in karmic cycles.

Kindness, caring, love, they all too have their karmic consequences, but they are wonderful consequences. To love is to express who we are. To be kind is to express who we are. To be gentle is to express who we are.

I am no greater or lesser than you … but by my walk I have grown, and I understand in a different way, in a unique way—as we all do. I know that you must own your own stuff, that you must heal your own pain, I know that you cannot sit back and expect that the universe will magically change and poof you will be healed, wise and enlightened in a single moment. It does not work that way!

You must own the reactions and responses that you have to people and the world. I must own my reactions to people, to situations, and to the world.

What is put on our path is put there by us. And so we must tend to it. Each time we do this, each time we understand what is there to understand, we allow greater progress on our journey.

You are not here to jump through the hoops of another, or to try and make their life better. That is their job. That is their path. They are living the consequences of their choices and their actions or inactions. You cannot walk their path for them. You must walk your own path. I must walk my own path.

As we walk our path with joy, we inspire others to do the same.

I have an effect upon this world, and so do you. And in that effect, the world is changed. Human consciousness is changed. It is a responsibility we all share. And now that you have read these words you will never be able to forget that you have an effect upon this world, and so … act with care, speak with kindness, and think with love.