The greatest gift we can give

DSC02608The greatest gift we can give this world, is to make our journey through life as beautiful as we can … from the inside!

The more beautiful our heart, our love, our gentleness, our compassion, our kindness, our warmth, the more beautiful the energy with which we touch this world.

Yes, there are people who have not received the unconditionally loving upbringing that I believe all children should receive. But, we can all find that feeling that fills us with love, and joy. Whatever has happened in our life, there have been moments of happiness, and that joy that we felt was: alignment! And being in alignment is not a one off miracle, or a sporadic happening, it can become the place we visit more and more often until we live in that state all the time.

We are all so often busy doing what we think needs to be done. We are busy busy busy. I came home from work one day, and I sat down and played with Panther (my 9 month old kitten) and Evie (my daughters 2 year old dog), and it was bliss. I just sat with them, played, and enjoyed the beauty of that time together. I decided to make that a priority above all else for that time. Slowing down, taking time to appreciate the gifts of life, is of equal value to getting the washing done or cleaning the kitchen or weeding the garden. The most loving thing we can ever give to a child or a pet, or a friend, is our time!!!

Our time on this Earth is limited and precious. Choose where to invest it with loving care.

We have all met people who have changed our life, be it a brief friendship or a long one, a relationship, or a five minute conversation. These people are such a blessing because they leave us so beautifully altered, so wonderfully changed, that what we offer the world, vibrationally, is so much greater than it was prior to meeting them.

Of all of the people who we meet in life, let us value the ones who uplift us, and let go of those who have tried to drag us down into the muddy quagmire that is their life.

And so, when we feel that beauty in our heart, the joy that fills us, the love that we are … we are in alignment, and when we are in alignment, our vibration is not only higher, but it has the capacity to go even higher. From that place of alignment, true growth and expansion is possible.

Life is made up of many experiences, and many interactions and relationships. Some end, due to a natural progression of time and completion. Let it end with grace and peace, knowing our time is done. Allow others to migrate into our field of energy, and allow ourself to feel and know what it is they bring to us, what gifts, what lessons. Do not hold on too tight to anyone—I have made this mistake myself, from a lack of understanding, and it translates into a suffocating energy for the other person, and I share this so that you may learn from my mistakes, and not do the same thing. Let people ‘be’. Allow them their own journey.

In the allowance of the journeys of others, we accept that their life is their journey and their lessons are their own. We cannot dictate anyone’s journey. We can only make wise and discerning choices on our own journey. Too often, however, we make ‘knee-jerk reaction’ choices, but, the more time you spend in alignment the more you will understand your own patterns, and the more able you are to slow down and choose your responses.

Let me share an example with you that happened in the midst of me working on this sharing … Panther (kitten) wanted to be fed, so he was all over me, on the desk, on my lap, off my lap, trying to walk across the keyboard, nudging my arm as I was holding a mug of tea, and he meowed relentlessly, he would not leave me alone. But we have a rule in this house, the humans eat first, the animals eat second. This is to establish who is the Master, who is the leader of the pack. Anyway, so while Panther is being relentlessly annoying I felt myself getting impatient and irritated, and then I realised that this was not how I wanted to feel. This was not ‘in alignment’ behaviour. And so I gave the cat some affection, and continued to drink my tea and push him off the keyboard, and ignore his tail in my face! I desired to be in alignment and to feel peaceful. I did not ‘buy into’ the impatience and annoyance and let it dominate me, I simply chose to be peaceful. And the impatience and annoyance simply disappeared.

I realised in that beautiful lesson how easy it was to simply shift back into alignment. This is all a part of making my life beautiful.

When we are in alignment, life not only feels better, but it responds to us. If we want to make life beautiful, we have to make our own inner world beautiful.

Being in alignment is like being plugged directly into the Universal Consciousness, and when we are tapped into that we are tapped into all. What we can access, however, is dictated by our own frequency. Frequency is the key which unlocks.

If we have any doors (metaphorically speaking) inside us which we have shut and locked … then our frequency cannot rise because there is an anchor there weighing us down, and waiting for us to deal with it. We cannot bury anything, it must all come out into the open if we are to raise our frequency. If we have hurt, we must look at it. If that hurt has stopped us from truly being able to love, then it is vital that we sit with it and understand it, so that we may heal, release, move forward. Sometimes we know what it is and when we pull it forward to look at it we realise that we are simply ready to let it go, no drama, no pain, just let it go. But sometimes it is not quite so easy, in which case, we may desire to seek help from someone.

The greatest gift we can give this world,
is to make our journey through life as beautiful as we can
… from the inside!
And the greatest gift we can give to ourself,
is to make this journey through life as beautiful as we can
… from the inside!